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Tai Chi Chuan, also known as Tai Chi, Taiji, and Taijiquan, is an ancient Chinese martial art form and  health system that rejuvenates the body, soothes the mind, and strengthens the spirit,  It is a mental and physical health practice for peaceful solution of everyday stressful situations. Health benefits include improved balance, stress management, sleep, circulation, energy, perceptual awareness, cognitive ability, coordination, flexibility, mental clarity, and a general sense of well-being.  Tai Chi is a recognized complementary therapy for numerous health issues and disease states, including and not limited to: cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's disease and chronic pain. Research shows that playing Tai Chi increases immune system function, thereby improving overall health.  Tai Chi is a moving meditation and renders the same benefits as sitting meditation while giving the player a gentle dance-like workout. 
Tai Chi is a way of doing exercise, meditation, self-defense, and mental therapy in one dynamic and yet soothing program geared towards personal enlightenment.

Qigong or Chi Kung, pronounced "chee gung",an ancient Chinese health system,  offers similar health benefits and movements without focus on martial applications.  David Chandler combines Tai Chi & Qigong, primarily focusing on the health benefits.  That being said,  David believes that considering the unpredictable world in which we live, it would be beneficial to understand how to use the skills that one has learned if the need were to arise.  Demonstration of martial application is offered and students are given the opportunity to practice only if desired and in a very slow and safe mode.     
David Chandler teaches traditional principles and practices of Tai Chi & Qigong, 
offering community Tai Chi and Qigong classes and workshops for all levels.  He brings his wonderful sense of humor, compassion and deep understanding of the internal aspects of the arts to his students.  David's ability to articulate his teaching with the utmost detail makes it possible for beginner and advanced students to learn together, each at his or her own level and pace.  He provides an atmosphere that allows students to have fun while improving their health, deepening their skills and expanding their personal growth.  Our "risk free" policy at Eagle's Quest allows you to try the first class of a cycle with no commitment required. 


Here's what David's students have to say:

 "He's a good teacher.  He makes sure everyone in the room is included
and understands the teaching.
It's nice to see that people are coming again, and again, and again." 
Herb 92 yr old retired school administrator
"I have been attending David's class for more than 10 years. Even after a long day at work, I always feel more energized, relaxed, and happy after class. David's classes are welcoming to students of all levels...we're all in the same river, start out floating and eventually learn to swim together.  Tai Chi gives you balance, movement, health and joy with lots of endorphins uplifting your spirit.  Mondays are one of the best days of my week!"   Steven

" I have been playing/practicing the last 1/3 of the long form, finally have the shoot the bow more or less roughed out.  Thank you for your extra help.   Once I got to a place of flow with the entire sequence, I have been surprised & moved (emotionally) to feel the chi build from beginning to end, subtle and yet almost exponential.  This is a wonder. Thank you for such a beautiful design, and such thorough instruction, that even when I'm stumbling around on my own to find the right place in each position, the beauty & energy of tai chi blooms, finds me.  How deeply grateful I am."  Cathy

"...I am finding the movements that David has me do equal to, if not better than anything I do in physical therapy.  David is such a knowledgeable, encouraging force in my life.  Time spent with him is very rewarding.  I am always feeling supported and motivated after our sessions.  Stroke recovery is going to take years in my case, and Tai Chi will certainly be a part of it."  Mike

".....your pointing out the importance of grounding & focus in the first posture/stand of the Sun form we're learning has been excellent help.  You are absolutely right - everything begins & comes from that initial stance each time I practice.  So deceptively simple, and yet the strength & chi in it makes the foundation for all that follows!  Thank you!! " Cathy

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 David Chandler, Founder and Director