All Instructional videos feature step by step instruction by David Chandler with repetition and flow through. No previous experience is required, as very detailed instruction is given for beginner or advanced player to learn at his or her own pace and level of ability.  

Edited and Produced by Michele Kinrade  http://www.randmkproductions.com

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Chan Ssu Chin Reeling Silk

The Chan Ssu Chin (Chansijing) is a total body awareness, energy exercise system that includes full range of motion and functions as a moving meditation. Also known as Reeling Silk, the program includes standing, walking, and seated versions for all skill levels. The movements follow the serpentine path of the inner spine of the Yin/Yang sphere or Tai Chi Tu. Health benefits include increased flexibility, balance, energy, mental acuity, and stress reduction. This dynamic mindfulness practice also improves lymphatic function and joint mobility. Understanding Reeling Silk is fundamental to learning Tai Chi Chuan at its core. The spiraling movements are based on the underlying structure of the DNA, the Milky Way, and the growth of plants. Aligning with the basic structure of the galaxy, and the organic structure of life, one generates massive power towards martial application and healing.  This version of Chan Ssu Chin was created by David Chandler.  

Disk 1   Run Time 70 min                                                                                                                 Disk 2   Run Time 74 min                                                                                                           Cost $45 plus $5 shipping/handling

Streaming/Downloadable Version $40 https://vimeo.com/ondemand/chanssuchin


Tai Chi Warm-ups can be used by anyone to increase mobility, flexibility and balance.  Proper warm up can improve the skills of any player. These exercises include Qigong, Soong Ku,Indonesian Hand Dances, circular patterns, swinging motions and stretching practices culled from many different traditions of Tai Chi Chuan.  These simple techniques will enhance one's sense of well-being and will strengthen the immune system, while balancing the body and calming the mind.  

Running time: 1 hr. 13 minutes

Cost:  $35 plus $5 shipping/handling 

Streaming/Downloadable Version $30  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/tcwarmups


The Four Directions Tai Chi Qigong is an eight posture set that is
perfect for meditation, the cultivation of energy, and the development of essential calm. The detailed instruction is beneficial for both the beginner, as well as the advanced player.  Stances, hand positions, and postures are illuminated in a simple and yet precise manner in order to aid the student towards greater fluidity of movement and understanding of the power of structure.  

Running time:  1 hr. 28 minutes

Cost:  $35 plus $5 shipping/handling 

Streaming/Downloadable Version $30  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/4directions


Released in November, 2014, David Chandler teaches the Sun 10 Form as taught by Grandmaster Sun Yongtian at the International Symposium in Louisville, KY in July 2014. This DVD provides step by step instruction with multi-directional views and focus on detail, plus flow throughs. 

Running time:  1 hr. 11 minutes

Cost:  $35 plus $5 shipping/handling 

Streaming/Downloadable Version $30 https://vimeo.com/ondemand/sun10shortform